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Personal view of Karate by Alban

Personal view of Karate complicated by Alban Brahimi as part of our junior Black Belts paperwork at our dojo in London, Paddington, W2 and the surrounding areas.

Personal view of Karate
Here's what he has to say.

Why karate is important to me.
Karate is important because it gives me a safe environment for me to express myself truly. It's important because not only is it good for (self-defence) but for my health too, it’s also fun and exciting.
It taught me discipline, respect and duty, making me a better person.  Because of this I cannot thank my sensei enough for this opportunity; without him I could not have pushed myself to my limits and beyond.

How karate benefits me.
Karate benefits me in many ways; for example, by improving my physical health. The way karate does this is through a variety of different techniques and exercises from cardio to muscle training to many other things.

Karate also brings up my mental health as (somehow) makes me a generally happier person outside of karate.

(2)  Karate also benefits me as it boosts my communication and tactical skills, while training and engaging with other karate-ka, (which I am grateful to have been training with so far - and would like to thanks.)

Thanks to the club philosophy and style the karate-ka are always encouraged to communicate with each other and to not corner ourselves or feel shy.
Regardless if you feel like or not the people you training with, in the dojo is no like or dislike or choosing with who you train. Respect is for everyone and I learn that by communicating with people is the best way to show it, and start earning their respects.
This way you are given the opportunity to the other person / karate-ka to communicate with you. By avoiding communication that opportunity can or will be lost.

Tactical skills:
Although long term planning for a fight in karate isn't always used, - quick decisive movement in a short time is used almost all the time, - so training like this can and will boost the tactical skills. It does for me.

(3)  It also improves my leadership skills as I - (thanks to the sensei's believes allowing us to express ourselves for a short time under supervision) - had the opportunity to show my skills to the class. This method of training for me has been very useful to my development so for. But more importantly has encouraged me to train harder and be better in the future.

Following on, karate benefits me by improving my overall morals and ethics. Karate does this by teaching me respect and how to show it. By improving my morals, l have learnt the skill of hard work and determination allowing me to always give my best.

I am aware that I am just a junior Black Belt today and I have long way to go. But for me it also means leaving but not forgetting one chapter behind - and moving on to the next one, which I can't wait to begin.

July 2018.

Until next time, thanks for reading and have a good training.


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    créé en 1985 par M. Thierry ROUMY qui, depuis lors, transmet son savoir à ses élèves en les initiant au karaté style SHOTOKAN tout en leur apprenant les valeurs morales et éthiques que peut vous inculquer la pratique d’un tel art martial.

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  2. Thank you for showing your interest and commenting on this article. YLLI SENSEI


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