Personal view of Karate by Alban

Personal view of Karate complicated by Alban Brahimi as part of our junior Black Belts paper work at our dojo in London, Paddington, W2 and the surrounding areas.

Alban's Personal view of Karate Here's what he has to say.
Why karate is important to me. Karate is important because it gives me a safe environment for me to express myself truly. It's important because not only is it good for (self-defense) but for my health too, it’s also fun and exciting. It taught me discipline, respect and duty, making me a better person.  Because of this I cannot thank my sensei enough for this opportunity; without him I could not have pushed myself to my limits and beyond.
How karate benefits me. Karate benefits me in many ways; for example, by improving my physical health. The way karate does this is through a variety of different techniques and exercises from cardio to muscle training to many other things.
Karate also brings up my mental health as (somehow) makes me a generally happier perso…

Personal view of Karate by Alexandre

Personal view of Karate complicated by Alexandre as part of our junior Black Belts paper work at our dojo in London, Paddington, W2 and the surrounding areas.

Alexandre's Personal view of Karate What Karate does for me -  How Karate benefits me.
Karate makes me physically fit, keeps me physically healthy and helps me become (mentally) healthy and strong.
Karate helps me mentally by improving my concentration and confidence. I am more disciplined and focused in everything that I do, both at school and at home.
Karate teaches me about responsibility, self respect and courage to do the right thing in all aspects of life and behave in a manner that shows respect for others around me.
I have learned to defend myself when necessary but more importantly I have learned to have patience, self-control and calmness. It also gave me the intelligence to avoid confrontation and be able to walk away from harmful situations whenever possible.
I have self confidence in all that I do because of karate t…

Karate classes for kids, in London. Kata "Jitte" by Alban Brahimi

Video clip from GRADING and TRAINING day at our Karate Dojo in London, Paddington, W2 and the surrounding areas.
A powerful performed by Alban Brahimi who became 1st Dan Black Belt on the day.

Congratulation to Alban.

karate for kids, London

Karate, Martial Arts, Self Defense. Selection of photos and video clips from grading and training in our dojo in London, Paddington, W2 and the surrounding areas.

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Student guide to Grading Dan and Kyu Policies­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
Kata | Kihon | Kumite
Training and Development
At the dojo the student must train with proper attitude, put the time and effort needed in order to reach the next grade (black belt) and beyond.
Each grade the student passes represent some kind of growth. The student must show improvement on each level / grade in order to progress in harmony.
A good training attitude is to not just trying to pass the grade, but is to keep pushing and be one step higher-up. This applies to everyone kids, adults, kyu, and dan grades. 
That's the main purpose of having grades.
In this way the student will be getting closer and closer to better: physical, mental, spiritual and technical training.
Physically The student has developed speed – strength – balance – posture – techniques - and coordination
Mentally The student has developed concentration - attention to detail – awareness - and confidence
Spiritually The student has developed internal e…

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